Doctors Newest Anti-Aging Secrets

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Doctors Newest Anti-Aging Secrets

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The science of anti-aging has resulted in the discovery of new biological and chemical secrets of healthy aging. Scientists now know that protecting the microscopic power centers of our cells, the mitochondria, may be the key to living longer without heart disease, diabetes, cognitive decline, or cancer.

The following six articles discuss natural strategies of diet, exercise, and supplements that have been shown in scientific studies to support healthy aging. They offer specific information about what can be done to protect the mitochondria and avoid cellular damage that leads to aging and disease.

All of the articles originally appeared in the Juvenon Health Journal, a monthly newsletter published by Juvenon, Inc.* The company is committed to being a reliable resource on aging research, presenting authoritative summaries of emerging issues, and serious investigation and providing a forum for questions about the science, nutrition, and physiology of healthy aging.

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