The Best Long-Life Secrets From Around the World

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The Best Long-Life Secrets From Around the World

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The study of longevity and anti-aging has moved from the realm of fantasy, myth and Shangri La into the laboratories of the most prestigious universities and institutions in the world. Scientists at Harvard, the University of California, Berkeley, and the National Institute of Aging, among many others, are investigating what makes people live longer.

Some scientists have moved out of their laboratories and are traveling the world, looking for geographic locations where people live to be over a hundred. They are not looking for individuals who have lived for a long time. They want to find places where a significant number of people live past 100. And, they want to find out what these people are doing so others can do it, too.

Once these exploring scientists find a potential longevity area, they rigorously track down and verify birth dates and death certificates. They verify diet and health information with the government and anthropological studies. They find and interview the centenarians and their families. Only a very few areas have passed the intense scientific scrutiny of these researchers. We call them Long Life Zones.

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